Recover a Lost File

Any user who stores their files on EGR network space (currently only home space, web space and research space, not office) can access snapshots to recover old versions of files (for example, files that have been accidentally changed or deleted) without the need to request a restoration or assistance from DECS. Files in snapshots may be retrieved by the user/owner of the files.

A snapshot is a read-only copy of the entire file system with all of the files - each snapshot reflects the state of the file system at the time the snapshot was created. You can easily navigate through a snapshot just as if it were active. Your directories/folders and files will appear the same as they were at the time that the snapshot was taken. Snapshots are taken every hour according to the following schedule:

  1. Hourly as 'hourly.0-22'
  2. Daily at midnight as 'nightly.0-11'
  3. Weekly at midnight Monday as 'weekly.0-3'

You can recover your files from as far as four weeks back, by copying them from a snapshot to any folder/directory in your directory structure.

If you cannot restore the file yourself from snapshots (see instructions above), please fill out this form.