Printing Large Format Posters

Points to Keep in Mind When Designing Posters

  • Standard jobs cannot be plotted larger than 42" x 54".  If your poster will be laminated, the poster cannot be plotted larger than 42" x 52".  Please see a DECS employee if larger plotting is necessary.
  • If a poster will be laminated, a minimum 0.25" laminate border will be left around the poster. If your poster must fit in specific dimensions, please keep this in mind as trimming the laminate close to the poster can lead to peeling and other undesirable results.
  • Plot jobs will only be accepted up to 30 minutes before closing. Due to the time required to setup and send a print job to the plotter, we are unable to process jobs that are sent with less than 30 minutes left in the work day.
  • Please allow enough time for plotting or you may not be able to pick up your plot until the following work day. Hi-res photos or transparent or gradient backgrounds take significantly longer to plot.

Engineering users can apply print quotas toward plotting. The rate for plotting is 200 pages of print quota or $10 cash, check or department account number (departmental account charges requires faculty/staff approval) per plot. Poster lamination is available for an additional $20. Print quota may not be applied toward lamination.

Non-engineering faculty, staff and students may purchase plots for $30.50 each; lamination is an additional $20. We are only able to accept cash, check or  departmental account number.  The use of departmental account numbers must be accompanied by an e-mail to from a faculty/staff member authorizing the use of the account number.

Sending a File to the Plotter

DECS Support Office staff will send the file to the plotter. Files cannot be sent to the plotters directly by users.  Users can either e-mail the file to along with desired dimension, or visit the DECS Support Office at 1325 Engineering Building along with the file to preview the plot.