Print Quota Additional Information


Printing in engineering public labs is regulated by quotas. Each user receives600 pages per semester, any unused portion of these 600 pages does not roll over to the next semester.  A user can purchase quota in increments of 100 pages. Any unused quota purchased by the user will be carried over between semesters. A user can purchase print quota one of two ways:

  • Purchase engineering print quota from the DECS Support office (1325 EB) for $5.00 per 100 pages increments. DECS Support can accept cash and check.
  • Use a MSU account number for a department charge of $5.00. Click here to go to the online form for a departmental charge.

Please direct questions regarding the DECS print quota policy to Support.

How Do I Check My Print Quota?

  • Check your quota at My Account
  • Check where and how much you have printed by using SSH to connect to a UNIX machine and typing tps-report.

 Ways to Reduce Your Printing 

  • Print Preview - After selecting the printer, but before printing, use the Print Preview option to see what your document will look like. This is good for both color and black and white printing.
  • Double sided (duplex) printing - The following black and white print queues are set for duplex printing: eb1307-duplex, eb1312-duplex, eb1318-duplex, eb1328-duplex, eb2200-duplex and eb2314-duplex. Each page printed is only decremented 2/3 of a page (rounded down to the nearest integer). i.e. A two page document will fit on one page, and your quota will be decremented one and one half page.
  • Pages per Sheet - This option is available when printing in the DECS labs under Print > Properties > Layout. It is a drop-down box. Two pages per sheet is  easy to read for almost any text.
  • ghostview - This software is used to preview on screen a Postscript formatted document. It is available on both the UNIX and PC workstations.

Which Printers Decrement Quota?


* Print queues will produce printing on both sides of the page. Print quota gets decremented 2/3 of a page for each physical sheet of paper.
** Print quota gets decremented 5 pages for each sheet printed.
*** Print quota gets decremented 200 pages for each sheet printed.

When Do Print Quotas Get Reset?

Every semester, the day before classes start.