Mathcad - Additional Information

What is Mathcad?

Mathcad is an easy to use mathematical software. It looks and works like a scratchbook which you can enter any mathematical equation anywhere on the page.

Where is Mathcad?

Mathcad professional student edition is available on all DECS PC machines.

How To Start Mathcad

To start Mathcad, simply follow these steps:

Start > Programs > Mathcad

How To Use Mathcad

As mentioned above, Mathcad can be used as a scratchpad.  Simply type any equation on the blank page and Mathcad will solve the equation. Mathcad also has several menus/toolbars to help build the equation. The user simply fills in the blank with numbers or variables.

The following toolbars are available:

  • Math
  • Arithmetic
  • Evaluation
  • Graph
  • Matrix
  • Calculus
  • Programming
  • Greek
  • Symbolic
  • Modifier