MARC/MENTAT - Additional Information

What are MARC and MENTAT?

MARC is a general purpose finite element program capable of solving structural and thermal problems. MARC input is graphically generated using the program MENTAT.

Where are MARC and MENTAT?

These programs are available on all engineering platforms.

Starting MARC and MENTAT on UNIX or LINUX


MENTAT requires that you run an X environment to display its GUI. You will need to run Xming on your local workstation prior to connecting to a UNIX or LINUX server.

After connecting, at the prompt type mentat


MARC can be run from the command line, or it can be started within MENTAT. It doesn't require a GUI.

To run MARC, type: marc

Printing MARC/MENTAT Results

The results of a MARC run are stored in a .t19 file. These results may be displayed graphically using MENTAT. In addition, hard copy output may be created in MENTAT:

  • In MENTAT go to the POST-PROCESSING section by clicking on POST-PROCESSING. Then open the appropriate output file and select the results you want.
  • Click the UTILS button in the static menu. The UTILITIES dynamic menu will appear.
  • Click the color postscript (or gray postscript) button and MENTAT will prompt you for a file name.
  • Type in the name with the extension '.ps'
  • This file will then be created and stored in the current directory.
  • To print the file, open an 'xterm' and type lpr -Pprintername command to print.