Map Network Drives in Mac OSX

General Steps:
  1. In Finder, click on Go and then on Connect to Server.

    Mac OS X Go Menu
  2. In the Server Address box, type cifs:// where "username" is your engineering username.

    Mac OS X Connect Window
  3. You will then be asked to authenticate to the network. Under the Name field enter your engineering username. Enter your engineering password in the password field.


Drive Specific Instructions:

  1. Home Directory
    • Home directory is personal space for each user
    • Server address: cifs://
    •  "username" is your engineering username
  2. Office Directory
    • Office is shared space setup for departmental groups
    • Server Address: cifs://
  3. Research Directory
    • Research is shared space setup for various research groups
    • Server Address: cifs://
  4. Web Directory
    • Web is shared space for various groups dedicated for web sites
    • Server Address: cifs://

SFTP access to the same directories can be made using Fugu or another SFTP client.  Use for the server and your engineering credentials for username and password.