Map Network Drives in Windows XP and Windows 7

NOTE: Microsoft and DECS are no longer supporting Windows XP. For more information regarding the end of XP support, click here. If you are still running Windows XP, please contact the DECS Support Office (353-8891, for options.

General Steps

  1. In Windows XP, right-click on My Computer to open a menu, then select Map Network Drive. (image).  In Windows 7, click the start button, right-click on Computer and select Map a Network Drive.
  2. Change the Drive: and Folder: to match the drive and folder you want to map (see below for folder paths). This picture shows an example for mapping the "M:" drive. (image)
  3. Click the Finish button to close the window and finish the operation.  If you are prompted for a username and password, you will need to add EGR\ to the beginning of your username. The drive will now open in a window of its own and appear under My Computer. (image)

Drive Specific Instructions

  1. M: Home
    • Drive: M:
    • Folder: \\\username
  2. O: Office
    • Drive: O:
    • Folder: \\\dfs\office-*department*\*department*  (*department* is the common abbreviation for your department; examples below)

      The following paths are case sensitive.









K-12 Outreach


External groups supported by DECS will map to the following path:


  1. R: Research
    • Drive: R:
    • Folder: \\\dfs\research
  2. T: DFS
    • Drive: T:
    • Folder: \\\dfs
  3. W: Web
    • Drive: W:
    • Folder: \\\web

NOTE: The drive letter is simply a recommendation. It can be any drive you choose if the suggested drive letter is currently in use.

What is the Home Directory?

Home (M:) is personal space for each user.

What is the Office Directory?

Office (O:) is shared space set up for departmental groups.

What is the Research Directory?

Research (R:) is shared space set up for various research groups

What is DFS?

Think of DFS (T:) as a drive containing all the other drives. Mapping it should eliminate the need to map any of the other network drives.

What is the Web Directory?

Web (W:) is shared space for various groups dedicated for web sites.