Loop-Pro - Additional Information

What is Loop-Pro Control Station?

Loop-Pro is a performance optimization software created and distributed by Control Station. Control Station is both a controller design and tuning tool, and a process control training simulator used by industry and academic institutions worldwide for:

  • control loop analysis and tuning
  • dynamic process modelling and simulation
  • performance and capability studies
  • hands-on process control training

Where is Control Station? 

Control Station is available in the DECS Public labs.

Invoking Control Station 

To start Control Station, click Start > Programs > Control Station > Launch Loop-Pro

The Control Station System Manual 

Step-by-step tutorial for Control Station can be found in the help tab. This software is Graphical Interface, so it is user friendly.

Additional Help 

Additional Information about Control Station is available on www.controlstation.com

If you need further assistance, visit room 1325 Engineering Building or, send mail to support@egr.msu.edu.