LabView - Additional Information

What is LabView?

LabView is a program development environment, much like modern C or Basic development environment. While other programming languages use text-based language to create lines of code, LabView uses a 'graphical' programming language, G, to create programs in block diagram form.

Where is LabView?

LabView is available on all DECS lab PCs

Moving About in LabView

LabView has an editor called VI. VI consists of an interactive user interface, a dataflow diagram that serves as the source code and icon connections that allow the VI to be called from a higher level VIs.

To open a new file in LabView, from the Labview start menu click Blank VI

This will pop up three windows:

1) the Tools box
2) two editor windows

When you're done writing the program, click on Save As and make sure that you save the file in your 'M:\' drive. The file extention should be '.vi'.

Additional Information 

For more extensive information please see the