Instructions for Changing Your EGR Password

All EGR password changes are done through the DECS My Account page.

Should you need to change your password but do not know your current password, we can assist you if you bring picture ID to the DECS Support Office, 1325 Engineering Building.  Please see the Support page for office hours.

To Change Your Password

1. Go to and log in. Once you are logged in, select Change Password from the left side of the page under the Account heading.

2. Type your current password in the Enter Current Password field.

3. To determine if your password meets the security requirements, type it in the Enter New Password field. As you are typing, a message will appear to the right of the field indicating whether the password is Insecure or Secure. Your password must be, at minimum, eight characters long, not include your NetID, and meet at least three of  the following requirements:

  • include a lowercase letter
  • include an uppercase letter
  • include a number
  • include a special character

4. Once your password is secure, the message to the right of the field will read: "Secure Password! (3/3) rules passed."

5. Re-type your secure password in the Re-enter New Password field. A message on the right side of the field will indicate if the passwords match. Once they match, click Change Password.

6. Your password is now updated and meets the security requirements.

7. Log out of the system.

Additional Rules and Suggestions

  • Do not include any portion of your EGR NetID (username) in the password; the system will not allow it.
  • It is advised that you NOT use the same password as your MSU NetID.
  • It is strongly advised that you NOT use the same password you use for any banking, financial or other sensitive websites. Using different passwords helps to protect your accounts in the event that a password is revealed.