Forwarding EGR Mail to Another Address

Faculty, Staff & Current Students

If you would like to forward your engineering e-mail to another e-mail address, you first need to ensure that the other e-mail address is not forwarding to your engineering account. If it is, a mail loop is created which will cause your e-mail to fail.

1. To set up e-mail forwarding, login to My Account and select E-Mail Forwarding from the menu on the left side of the page.

2. Enter the address you want to have your EGR mail forwarded to and click the Enable box and then click Save.

If you decide to stop forwarding your engineering mail, return to the same page, click the Enable box again to disable and click Save. Forwarding of engineering mail stops when the account expires. If you would like to continue receiving engineering mail after your account has expired, please see the section below on alumni e-mail forwarding.


The alumni e-mail forwarding feature is for alumni who no longer have an active EGR account but wish to continue receiving mail sent to their EGR e-mail address.  If you would like to activate this feature, please visit the Alumni E-mail Forwarding page.