Fluent - Additional Information

Launching Fluent from DECS Compute Servers

If you intend to run Fluent on a compute server, you must be running an X environment to display the GUI. On a Windows machine, set up this environment by running Xming on your local workstation.

Setting the environment

You can set the environment for a session by typing source $SOFT/ansys at the command prompt.

If you will be using Ansys on a regular basis, you can add the following lines to your .cshrc file:

if (-e $SOFT/ansys) then
source $SOFT/ansys

After editing your .cshrc, if you do not log out and log back in, it will be necessary to source your .cshrc. To do this, simply enter the command source .cshrc

Now each time you login, your environment will be set to run Fluent.

Launching Fluent

To launch Fluent, type fluent.