Drupal: Engineering Website - Log In, Add or Edit Content (for staff with designated user roles)

In this tutorial, you will learn how to log into the engineering website to add or update engineering profiles, events or designated user role pages.

Please note: You must be an MSU engineering staff member, have an engineering NetID and password, and designated user role to log in. If you do not have a designated user role, and should have access to edit or upload department profiles or events, please e-mail webmaster@egr.msu.edu. If you are a new engineering faculty needing a profile on the engineering directory please contact your department supervisor or complete this web form: http://www.egr.msu.edu/form/profile-changeadd

1.  Go to:  www.egr.msu.edu/user

2.  Type in your engineering username and associated password and click Log In.

3.  After logging in, you will see a narrow black toolbar appear at the top of the webpage, just above the MSU/COE header, which will allow you to add or edit content. Click on Content to find a specific item to edit. Choose from the Type pull down menu and click Filter to sort on a specific item, such as "Events" or "EGR Profile". You can navigate to the page or content in question and click on the Edit tab of that item.

4. To create new content, click on Content then Add Content from the toolbar, or from the blue button + Add content. Fill in all of the required fields and click Save.

New content is automatically set to be published once you click Save, but if you would like to work on the item/page before it is published, click Publishing Option at the bottom (just above Save), uncheck the Published and/or Promoted to front page boxes, and click Save. Once it is saved, there will be a pink background, indicating that it is unpublished. When you are ready for it to be published, check the Published box and click Save.