Connect to Remote Desktop Services (DECS Computer Lab Environment)

Remote Desktop Services (RDS), coupled with the Remote Desktop Gateway, allows you to connect an engineering Windows computer from anywhere you have Internet access and a supported client. You can connect and work just as you do in the lab. You will see your usual desktop icons, the DECS public printers, as well as your mapped home directory (M: drive).

If you need assistance with this procedure, visit the DECS Support Office in 1325 Engineering Building or contact them at 353-8891.

You will need:

  • The .rdp file that is attached to this tutorial (located at bottom of page). Be sure to right click and Save link as.
  • To update your remote desktop client if you have an operating system other than Windows 7+.


1. Right click and select Save link as for the .rdp file located below to launch the remote desktop client. Double-click the file to open it.

2. A prompt similar to the image below will display; click Connect to continue. You can check the box for "Don't ask me again for connections from this publisher" which will store the certificate and prevent the prompt from displaying in the future..


3. Enter your entire engineering e-mail address ( and your engineering password. You must include your entire username or you will not be able to log in.


.rdp File

Right click the file below and select Save link as to download it.


Remote Desktop Services.rdp14.96 KB