ANSYS for Windows - Additional Information

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What is ANSYS?

ANSYS is a general purpose finite element program. Many different types of problems may be analyzed using this code. Some examples would include: structural, thermal, magnetic field, electric field, coupled field and fluids analyses (in conjunction with the program FLOTRAN, which is NOT currently available) .

ANSYS is also a self contained program, meaning that the pre-processor (model definition), processor (solver) and post-processor (output) are all integrated into a single code. All of these components may be accessed either through a graphical user interface (GUI) or through execution commands.

To run ANSYS on the PC Workstations, go to Start > All Programs > ANSYS 14.5 > Workbench 14.5

Printing In ANSYS

Under Windows, go to the PlotCtrls option of the ANSYS Utility Menu and select Hard Copy. You will have the option to print to a file or print to a Windows printer (e.g. eb1328 if you are in the DECS Computer Lab in 1328). More information is available on the Printing in ANSYS page.

ANSYS Tutorials

A step-by-step tutorial for ANSYS for Windows can be found inside the program. It is accessible by selecting Help on the menu bar, then ANSYS Tutorials. A box will pop up with the introduction to the tutorial. You can follow it along step by step at your own pace.