ABAQUS - Additional Information

Setting the Environment

Before running ABAQUS on UNIX or Linux, you must first set your environment. You can set the environment for an individual session by typing source $SOFT/abaqus at the command prompt.

If you will be using ABAQUS on a regular basis, you can add the following lines to your .cshrc file:

 if ( -r $SOFT/abaqus) then
source $SOFT/abaqus


Now, each time you log in, your environment will be set to run ABAQUS. The first time you run ABAQUS after adding the above lines to the .cshrc file you will need to run the command source ~/.cshrc or log out then back in.

By default, when you start ABAQUS, you will run the teaching version.  This is due to the fact that there are thirty seats available of ABAQUS/CAE, the pre/post processor environment for ABAQUS. The research version only has eight seats of CAE, so they may be checked out already.

When your model is set up and you are ready for the analysis runs, you can change to the research version of ABAQUS by creating the file abaqus_v6.env in your home directory. It will contain the following line: academic=RESEARCH

You can switch back to the teaching version by changing the line to: academic=TEACHING

Starting ABAQUS

Windows Systems

On an engineering Windows system, select Start/All Programs/ABAQUS 6.X-X/ ABAQUS CAE

Linux Compute Servers

The default/most recent version of ABAQUS on the LINUX servers is started by typing abaqus cae (will launch ABAQUS with a GUI) or abaqus. It will prompt you for the input job and other parameters you want. 

If you start the ABAQUS documentation server with the command abaqus doc, one of the choices is online tutorials for ABAQUS. There are example files that can be copied to your workspace for these tutorials.


Selecting HELP in ABAQUS will start the online documentation for the specific part of ABAQUS you are using.