DECS File Restoration

If you need to restore files from your home space (M:\) or research space (R:\), please see the How-To on accessing snapshots. This form may not be needed to restore files/directories from home, research or web space within the last 7 weeks.

We will respond to your EGR e-mail address. Please be sure you are checking that address for our response.

Name of files or directories to be restored.

The path to the deleted files or directories. Example: ~/ or ~/web

If you deleted the file(s) today, enter today's date. If you don't know, give your best guess.


What time of the day did you delete the file(s) in question?

Prior to the date of deletion, when did you last modify the file? We may need to recover the previous version if we cannot find the version deleted.

When did you create the file? We may need to recover your original if we cannot find the most recent.

What date, time, and reason do you require the files to be restored by? This helps us set priorities for restoring files efficiently and on time. Note: ASAP is not a useful response.

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