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Fast & Convenient

The College of Engineering provides e-mail for every EGR NetID in addition to and independent of the MSU e-mail system. Engineering e-mail addresses are EgrNetID@egr.msu.edu. The engineering e-mail server has a great deal of flexibility built in including unlimited Inbox sizes so that Incoming e-mail delivery is guaranteed against failure due to a limits placed on the size of a user's Inbox. The size restriction on an individual out-bound e-mail size is set very high at 60MB, all mailboxes are backed up and can be restored, and both Web e-mail and IMAP-SSL options are supported. We support mobile e-mail devices that can operate using standards compliant IMAP-SSL/TLS protocols.

Secure and Backed Up

The engineering mail server offers Virus and Spam protection. Mailboxes are backed up daily and can easily be restored when needed.

Additional features:

For help, please contact support@egr.msu.edu!