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Engineers in the 21st Century need the ability to innovate, communicate, and perform at the highest levels in an increasingly global and demanding world. Producing graduates that meet these standards is critical to retaining America’s technical leadership.

The MSU College of Engineering has responded to this need through an initiative, the CoRe Experience, that integrates the first year engineering academic program and an engineering living-learning community to support the personal and professional growth of these students during this important transition year.

Part of the mission of the CoRe Experience is to demonstrate to students the importance of engineering and the positive impact that engineers make on society and the world around them. One way we accomplish this is to collaborate with corporate partners to bring real-world expertise and challenges into the classroom and residential environment, reinforcing the relevance of studies in engineering to solving global challenges.

The CoRe Experience is committed to 'building the whole engineer'.

Our Mission:

  • To provide early engineering students with unmatched learning opportunities within a supportive community that encourages academic, professional and personal achievement
  • To foster life-enriching connections between students and their peers, faculty members, advisors, and corporate representatives
  • To cultivate students' skills that encourage lifelong learning
  • To demonstrate to the students the critical roles of engineers in contributing to society

Our People

For more information about the CoRe Experience, please contact us by using the form below, or by email, or call 517-355-6616 ext. 2.
Pat Walton
S. Patrick Walton

Carmellia Davis King
Carmellia Davis-King

Co-Curricular Director

Tim Hinds
Timothy Hinds

Academic Director

Sandy Christlieb
Sandy Christlieb
Cornerstone Project


Jeanette Robertson
Jeanette Robertson
Support Staff