The Composite Materials and Structures Center

Welcome to the Composite Materials and Structures Center at Michigan State University. The Center is a multidisciplinary research facility located at Michigan State University’s College of Engineering. For more information, please also see our About page.

The expertise of MSU’s engineering faculty, as well as faculty members from other colleges on campus, support the center’s three major efforts:

  • Support of graduate and undergraduate education in the science and engineering of composites
  • Research on composite materials, processing, and design
  • Transfer of composites technology to industry through seminars, short courses, and cooperative research.


  • Argon rich atmosphere workstation, less than 10ppm water and oxygen.
  • UTS ~ 3-Point Flexure Testing
    This equipment is used to determine physical properties such as strength and stiffness of materials under different stress states: tension, compression, shear or flexure.

Featured Lab

Thermal Analysis Laboratory for the study of the thermophyscial performance of materials.