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Transportation & Pavement Engineering:
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Ghassan Abu-Lebdeh, Assistant Professor; Ph.D. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
Traffic control of congested systems, adaptive control, and use of genetic and nearal-based computations and information technologies for design of advanced control algortihms.

Gilbert Y. Baladi, Professor; PhD, Purdue University.
Pavements, geotechnical and materials: fatigue and plastic properties of soils; unbounded materials and asphaltic mixtures; pavement performance models; engineering analysis of existing pavements; pavement design, evaluation, rehabilitation and management.

Neeraj J. Buch, Associate Professor; PhD, Texas A&M University.
Pavements and materials: performance modeling of rigid pavements; pavement rehabilitation and management; non-destructive testing; mechanical properties of concrete and recycled materials in Portland cement concrete.

Karim Chatti, Associate Professor; PhD, University of California Berkeley.
Pavements, geotechnical and materials: pavement modeling, dynamics of pavements, truck-pavement interaction, mechanical properties of asphalt concrete mixtures, non-destructive testing of pavements, pavement performance.

François Dion, Adjunct Professor; Ph.D. University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
Intelligent Transportation Systems, integrated control of transit and traffic operations, traveler information systems, and information technology applications to transportation.

Richard W. Lyles, Professor; Ph.D., Carnegie Mellon University.
Evaluation of traffic control devices, highway work-zone safety, general highway and traffic safety, mobility and safety of older persons, public transportation, transportation planning.

Thomas L. Maleck, Associate Professor and University Traffic Engineer; Ph.D., Michigan State University.
Geometric design, traffic flow and control, traffic simulation, highway traffic safety.

William C. Taylor, Emeritus Professor; Ph.D., Ohio State University.
Remediation of highway congestion, improved traffic safety computer modeling, intelligent transportation systems.


James C. Brenton, Department Technician.
Function/Duties: Coordinates and performs complex design, fabrication, modification, maintenance and repair of one-of-a-kind research and instructional equipment and systems. Assists in the day-to-day coordination of the operations of the facility.

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