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The academic programs in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering lead to undergraduate and graduate degrees in civil and/or environmental engineering. There are also special interdisciplinary programs. Finally, the department also offers a slate of continuing education and short courses which are discussed in the "outreach and public service" section of our pages.

The hallmark of our programs is the flexibility to accommodate the needs of both traditional and non-traditional students without sacrificing the rigor required for our graduates to meet the challenges confronting the engineer in the 21st century. Our undergraduate program is fully accredited, and our BS graduates (and graduate students) are well prepared to obtain their professional engineering licenses.

We pride ourselves in preparing our undergraduates to be highly competitive in both the engineering marketplace and graduate programs in engineering (or other fields). Our undergraduate and graduate programs provide a good mix of the theoretical and applied-this is a direct result of our faculty having training from the best schools in the country and significant levels of experience in consulting, with public agencies, and in industry.

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