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Highway Traffic Safety Programs

Michigan State University's Highway Traffic Safety Programs (HTSP) had its origin in late 1955. At that time Michigan was faced with the prospect of having its worst highway traffic fatality record in history. In an effort to address this situation, Governor G. Mennen Williams called the Michigan legislature into special session to consider several highway traffic safety proposals. One of the ensuing bills established the Highway Traffic Safety Center at Michigan State University. Organizing and staffing of the Center followed a model contained in a 1953 report: "What Can Colleges Do About the Traffic Problem" which resulted from an effort of the Association of Land-Grant Colleges and Universities to determine the function of such institutions in dealing with the highway traffic problem.

In 1964 the Highway Traffic Safety Center was organizationally assigned to the University's Continuing Education Programs and later to Lifelong Education Programs (LEP). In July 1987, with the decentralization of LEP as an organizational entity, HTSP became part of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Over its life, the mission of HTSP has remained substantially unchanged.


The HTSP mission is to bring together persons from various disciplines and professional backgrounds to reduce highway traffic deaths, injuries and economic loss and to increase the safe, efficient and smooth flow of traffic on highway transportation systems. HTSP's goal is to fulfill its mission, consistent with University policies and procedures, through public service, coordination, and outreach activities.

Outreach activities currently consist of conducting classes/workshops/courses in accident investigation.

Dr. Daniel Lee, handles the public service/coordination and outreach roles with support services from administrative support personnel Ligita Nelson. In addition to the outreach courses/classes offered by HTSP, the specialists are also involved in a number of public outreach/coordination efforts by which they share their expertise with other highway safety experts.

HTSP-sponsored Classes in Engineering and Traffic Engineering/Traffic Safety

If you wish to learn more about the accident investigation classes being offered by Dr. Lee, you may contact Michelle Shand (at 517-355-3270 or via e-mail at shandmic@msu.edu).

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