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Undergraduate Advisor Evaluation Form

1a) What is your student class level?

1b) What is your major?

2) Approximately how many times did you see the adviser this year?

3) How often do you email the adviser with questions each year?

4) Are you a member of the Honors College?

5) Please indicate your satisfaction with each of the following services provided by the adviser.

Discussing your academic performance with you
Assisting you plan your academic program
Providing you with alternatives when course scheduling conflicts occur
Helping you meet graduation requirements
Helping you locate campus resources for academic/personal/social issues or concerns (summer job, co-op, tutoring, student engineering groups, study skills, career development, etc.)
Clarifying life/career goals
Providing advice to help you cope with academic difficulties
Interpreting university, college and department policies
Assisting you with job searches (full-time, internship, co-op, etc.)
Helping you search for an appropriate graduate school
Helping you find scholarship/fellowship opportunities
Assisting you with study abroad issues
Web-based adviser scheduling system

6) Please indicate your agreement with the following statements.

The CEE adviser:

- Has a reasonable number of hours available for consultation
- Respects my rights to make my own decisions
- Is knowledgeable about graduation requirements, prerequisites, etc.
- Encourages me to assume an active role in planning my academic program
- Helps me examine my needs, interests, and priorities
- Is knowledgeable about courses outside my major area of study
- Is approachable and easy to talk to
- Encourages my involvement in extracurricular activities
- Usually responds to my email questions within 24-48 hours
- Is helpful and effective. I would recommend him to other students.

7) Please use the space below to provide additional comments, suggestions, etc. regarding the academic advising services provided by the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering ungraduate adviser.

Phone: (517) 355-5107 Fax: (517) 432-1827 E-mail: cee@egr.msu.edu
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Michigan State University
Engineering Building
428 S. Shaw Lane, Room 3546
East Lansing, MI 48824