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The Professional Advisory Board is a volunteer group that consists of twelve business and engineering professionals representing both MSU alumni of the College of Engineering and friends. The vision/mission statements prepared by the board follow.


Deliver value through experience to the students, faculty, and alumni of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE).


We will strive to apply the knowledge and insight we have obtained in our various careers to provide support and guidance to the CEE department. We are committed to the continuous improvement of the CEE department in all aspects of its operation.


Our mission is to:
  • Understand the activities of the CEE department
  • Offer advice regarding the department's strategic direction
  • Identify and implement projects that enhance department activities:
    • curriculum development
    • facilities improvement
    • financial and resource support
    • alumni networking
  • Support student and faculty activities through direct and indirect participation

Operating Structure

  • Participants
    • Twelve board members
    • CEE department chairperson and faculty
  • Time Commitment
    • Two-year terms
    • Two meetings per year
  • Roles
    • Board Chairperson: Provide strategic guidelines. Organize and run meetings. Communicate with department chairperson.
    • Officers: Interface with project team leaders and chairperson of the board
    • Members: Participate in projects and meetings. Serve as department ambassadors.

Current Board Members

Past Board Members

Bylaws (PDF document)

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