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We are especially proud of the activities of our student groups. These groups provide a way for students to initiate involvement with their profession which will last throughout their careers. In addition, the many projects that these groups undertake provide opportunities for interaction among students and with faculty that don't occur in the classroom. Finally, involvement in these organizations and their activities also provides valuable experience in developing leadership skills, working with groups, fund raising, and interaction with professional engineers outside of the university.

The range of activities sponsored by the different groups is quite broad, from attendance at local and national technical meetings to participating in national competitions. Links are currently provided to some pages that have been developed by the students-more will be forthcoming. Many students belong to more than one group. All groups are active in support of department and college events such as open house and most sponsor meetings throughout the academic year where topics range from technical (e.g., a speaker who was involved with a specific engineering project) to general interest subjects (e.g., applying to graduate school, resume workshop). Most groups have working relationships with local or state-level chapters of the parent society.

MSU's Civil and Environmental Engineering students are the only ones who have won all three national civil and environmental engineering student competitions for the Concrete Canoe, Steel Bridge, and Waste Management Education and Research Consortium (WERC) within the last ten years. The MSU students consistently place in the top five in all three competitions annually.

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