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Want a step-by-step guide to searching for a job? 

Look through the eyes of Eva, a senior engineering student at Michigan State University, as she searches for a full-time job.

Check out Eva's blog, Eva McSpartan's Job Search at Follow her progress and get her tips as she looks for a job after graduation.

Learn how to use social networking sites to make professional connections.  Check out "How to Get LinkedIn" and "The Spartan Field Guide to Twitter JobSearch."



Get started with the basics on job searching.

Looking for more?  Career 411 has specific information for your major.  Included are full time job stats, co-op and internship information and employers to check out.

Review job postings and sign-up for interviews at MySpartanCareer.

Add the finishing touches to your resume, keep current with interviewing trends, practice by having a mock interview, and learn the latest in job search strategies. Also available to students are one-on-one advising, career fairs, and employer networking opportunities.



 Need some tips?  Check out the Career Passport.  It explains how to explore career options, connect with an employer, get results at a career fair and much more.  Use it as a reference for  writing a resume or cover letter.  Know what resources are available from the Career Services Network at MSU.


 Getting a degree does not guarantee getting a job.

There's much more to it.  You need strong skills and personal vision - coupled with discipline-specific knowledge - to attract the attention of eployers.  The most important factor, employers tell us, is the ability to articulate what you've learned, demonstrated by your accomplishments in and out of the classroom.  Do you have the essentials for success?


Co-op and Internships

Cooperative Education is primarily a traditional, alternating period of work assignments in an engineering function. Internships are usually a one time only work experience in an engineering function. These experiences are usually paid and available for credit through registration via the Center.

To receive credit for a co-op experience, read EGR 393 Guidelines, complete the Placed Student Information Sheet and register at The Center.

Are you seeking international internships? Then globalEDGE is for you. Click HERE for more infomation.


Let our Tip Sheets get you started, view here.




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