Engineering Expo - Student Info

Engineering Career Expo…over 100 employers…


When/Where? Thursday, Feb. 20th

Noon – 3:30 pm

Throughout Engineering Building


Why attend Expo? Employed Full Time?  Co-op/Internship?   Looking?  This is for you!  Make valuable industry contacts and keep current in industry.

The Engineering Career Expo is designed to allow you to explore and interact with a variety of alumni/companies.

Learn more about technologies in use at specific companies Discuss potential career opportunities


Interested in Volunteering?  There are many ways to get involved in the expo and help employers set up during their visit to the Engineering Building. Either stop into The Center (1340EB) to sign up or register at Click “Events” Click “Engineering Expo 2013 Student Ambassador Sign Up”…we can not do it without your help!

Questions to ask? What are you looking for in a candidate?  What emphasis areas are sought more in which industries? What is the value of a study abroad experience to a potential employer? What foreign languages are most used in engineering? What type of work experiences should you seek before graduation (and why). Most alumni/employers are here to fill jobs...but they can give "valuable" advice as well!


How to prepare?

Checklist for Career Networking Preparation:

    • Bring your questions (note the same one's you ask your faculty and advisors)
    • Do spend time conducting company RESEARCH to enable productive conversation.  Is the company you're interested in attending? Find out.
    • Dress is Business Casual - please dress appropriately (make a good impression)
    • Bring at least 15 copies of your resume. Although this isn't the emphasis, some companies will be accepting resumes and are actively hiring full-time and co-op/internship positions so please be prepared with a resume.(You may want to consider using a portfolio to carry your resume copies.)


Please know that companies are confirming attendance daily so please visit the Expo website for the most up-to-date list of participants –