New Frontiers in Cognitive, Evolutionary, and Computational Models of the Mind

Opening Remarks

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Part 1

Session 1


Constraining Visual Search to Behaviorally-Relevant Features

Neural Representation of Attentional Priority in Human Cortex

The Origin of Expert Performance

Sleep-Dependent Memory Processing

Stimulus-Driven Attention Enhances Working Memory Recall

Thin Slices O' Creativity

Session 2


Optimal Discrimination in Variable Environments: The Value of Information

Of Salamanders and Scientists: An Evolutionary Approach to Understanding Neural Function

Evolution of Division of Labor

Evolving Cognitive Systems

Decisions, Heuristics, & Ecological Rationality

Session 3

Overview Part 1

Overview Part 2

Multimodel Neuroimaging Studies on Speech and Stuttering

Neurolinguistics and EEG

Perception of Spoken Language: Exploring Music-Language Connections

Rhetorical Systems of Communication and Evolutionary Computational Models

Literary Neuroscience and fMRI

Genetic Programming and Aesthetic Decision-Making

Session 4


Molecular and Cellular Neuro-MRI

Addictive Drugs and Brain Function

Central Mechanisms of Appetite Control

Intracellular Signaling and Synaptic Function in Learning and Memory


Part 2:  January 15th, 2013, Kellogg Center Auditorium

Chris Adami - MSU - Welcome, Logistics, Theme of Workshop

Jeff Hawkins - Numenta - Progress in Cortical Theory Implications for Machine Intelligence

Daniel Wwagenaar - CalTech

Ken Stanley - Central Florida - The Case for Evolution in Engineering Brains

Arend Hintze and Dave Knoester - MSU - Representations: The Language of Thought?

Michael Hawrylycz - Allen Institute for Brain Science - Large Scale Neuroinformatics at the Allen Institute for Brain Science

Natalie Phillips - MSU - Literary Neuroscience: an fMRI Study of Attention and Jane Austen