Current Students

  • Tianlong Song (Ph.D. Student)
  • Zhe Wang (Ph.D. Student)
  • Ahmed Alahmadi (Ph.D. Student)
  • Yuan Liang (Ph.D. Student)

Visiting Scholars

  • Zhaoxi Fang (12/2013-12/2014)


  • Weiguo Liang (Ph.D., graduated in 2004, now with Relay2)
  • Huahui Wang (Ph.D., graduated in 2006, now with AT&T Shannon Research Lab)
  • Qi Ling (Ph.D., graduated in 2007, now with Samsung)
  • Leonard Lightfoot (Ph.D., graduated in 2010, now with Air Force Research Lab)
  • Lei Zhang (Ph.D., graduated in 2011, now with Broadcom)
  • Xiaochen Tang (M.S., graduated in 2012, co-advised with Dr. Jian Ren, now with Juniper Networks)
  • Mai Abdelhakim (Ph.D., graduated in 2014, now with Osram Sylvania)