Undergraduate Research

BAE students have the opportunity to work on research projects in labs, with faculty and with graduate students.

Matt, Biosystems Engineering student

Matt S.
Biosystems Engineering

"There are simple models out there that use traditional kinetics initially developed in the 1920s. I updated some of the models and taking new ideas from different microbiology concepts and models. I am proud of my research and the fact that others appreciate it. It motivated me to do my work. It really gave me a good start for my research."

Matt researched food safety models for meat that will make the cooking process more efficient in killing harmful pathogens.

Tracy, Biosystems Engineering student

Tracy K.
Biosystems Engineering

"I worked on developing a computer model of two campus watersheds that will be used to design some stormwater management practices. My model and the designs was actually  used by MSU.

With my cognate in ecosystems engineering, and I would like to end up working on stormwater issues and wetland design, so this project was  right up my alley, and will actually help me get a job "

Emma, Biosystems Engineering student

Emma H.
Biosystems Engineering

"I worked closely with a PhD. student to develop a new improved biosensor for detecting Bacillus (bacteria) species. First, we discovered and refined a method of binding magnetic iron nanoparticles to polyaniline, the molecule that serves to conduct the electrical signal in the biosensor. Once we had created this magnetic polyaniline, we conjugated it with antibodies and allowed it to capture Bacillus cells from a liquid sample. Then we were able to use its magnetic property to concentrate the bacteria so that the biosensor could detect it more definitively.

This is real world, practical research that does not go by the book-some of these things have not been done before, and I was constantly challenged to think critically and problem-solve. This got me excited about biosystems engineering!"