Tim Whitehead


We are a young lab that designs and engineers functional proteins. We are focused on the development of computational and experimental tools as well as two major areas for the application of these methods: (1) the microbial-mediated conversion of biomass to fuels and chemicals that more closely approximate petroleum-derived feedstocks; and (2) development of antibody and antibody-like molecules for use as protein therapeutics against viral pathogens.


Protein engineering

Design Biochemical Engineering

Biomolecular Engineering

Metabolic Engineering

Alternative Energy

Synthetic Biology

T.A. Whitehead *, D. Baker, S.J. Fleishman* “Computational design of novel protein binders and experimental affinity maturation”, Methods Enzymology, 523:1-19. (2013) doi: 10.1016/B978-0-12-394292-0.00001-1.*Corresponding authors
T.A. Whitehead*, A. Chevalier*, Y. Song et al. “Optimization of affinity, specificity, and function of designed Influenza inhibitors using deep sequencing”, Nature Biotechnology 30(6):543-8. (2012) doi: 10.1038/nbt.2214 *authors contributed equally
S.J. Fleishman*, T.A. Whitehead*, D. Ekiert*, C. Dreyfus, J.E. Corn, E.M. Strauch, I.A. Wilson, D. Baker "Computational design of proteins targeting the conserved stem region of Influenza hemagglutinin," Science 332(6031):816-21 (2011) *authors contributed equally
T.A. Whitehead, L.M. Bergeron, D.S. Clark, "Tying up the loose ends: circular permutation decreases the proteolytic susceptibility of recombinant proteins" Protein Eng Des Sel 22 (10):607-13 (2009)
Postdoctoral Research, David Baker Lab, University of Washington, 2011
Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, University of California, Berkeley, 2008
B.E., Chemical Engineering, Vanderbilt University, 2001
NSF CAREER Award 2013