Luke Reese


Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering Technology Systems Management (TSM) Coordinator BAE Industry Advisor Board Liaison BE placement and career services support Courses taught- Information Management and Internship Coordination (TSM 251, TSM 481, TSM 493) Freshman Seminar (UGS 101) Sustainable Food, Environment and Social Systems in Australia - Summer (TSM 475, ANR 475, BE 475, ISS 310) MSU Extension Technology Training Coordinator - Adobe Connect training

Vandenberg, L., & Reese, L.E., (2011). Virtual Training for Virtual Success:Michigan State University Extension's Virtual Conference. Journal of Extension 49(6) Available online at
Reese, L.E., Safferman, S.I., Loudon, T.L., Stephens, L.D., Northcott, W.J., Miller, S.A., Rausch, J.N., & Zhao, L.Y. (2009, June). Educational Collaborative on Sustainable Environmental and Agricultural Management (ECOSEAM). Paper presented at the annual meeting ASABE 09-6568, Reno, NV.