James Steffe


Dr. Steffe is currently in his consultancy year before entering retirement. He is best reached by email. Dr. Steffe taught numerous classes in food and bioprocess engineering, and food rheology, to both undergraduate and graduate students. Since joining the faculty at Michigan State University, 40 MS/PhD graduate students have completed programs under his direction. He has published four books, over 120 refereed journal articles, and over 160 other creative works. Most of his research has been in the areas of basic and applied rheology. Dr. Steffe is a registered professional engineer (State of Michigan) and he has worked as a consultant to numerous food companies. In addition, he has been on editorial boards for various journals; and served as the Chairman of the Food Engineering Division of the Institute of Food Technologists, and Chairman of the Food and Process Engineering Institute of the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers. Keywords: food rheology, food process engineering, bioprocessing pipelines

Steffe, J.F. and C.R. Daubert. 2006. Bioprocessing Pipelines: Rheology and Analysis. Freeman Press, East Lansing, Michigan. (Published in English and Spanish)
Steffe, J.F. 1996. Rheological Methods in Food Process Engineering, Second Edition. Freeman Press, East Lansing, Michigan.
Rao, M.A. and J.F. Steffe (editors). 1992. Viscoelastic Properties of Food. Elsevier Applied Science, New York.
B.A., Albion College, Religion
M.S., Michigan State University, Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering
B.S., Michigan State University, Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering
Ph.D., University of California, Davis, Biological and Agricultural Engineering
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