Dawn Reinhold


Teaching: BE 332 Engineering Properties of Biological Materials, BE 482 Non-point Source Pollution Control, Ecological Engineerng in the tropics. 

Research: Wetlands and vegetated technologies for protection of water quality, Plants for remediation of emerging organic pollutants and hazardous wastes, Fate of emerging pollutants and pesticides in vegetated systems, Plant tissue culture and genetic engineering to enhance plants' capabilities to address water quality problems, Ecological Engineering.

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Aryal, N. and D. Reinhold (2011). "Phytoaccumulation of antimicrobials from biosolids: Impacts on environmental fate and relevance to human exposure." Water Research. 45(17): 5545-5552.
45(17): 5545-5552. Reinhold, D., L. Handell, and F. M. Saunders (2011). "Callus cultures for phytometabolism studies: Phytometabolites of 3-trifluoromethylphenol in Lemnaceae plants and callus cultures." International Journal of Phytoremediation 13(07): 642 - 656