Phosphorus Project Featured in MSU President's Report (Click for Link)

He’s not a magician, but Steve Safferman knows a thing or two about transformation.

An MSU environmental engineer, Safferman focuses his research on finding ways to turn waste products into something useful in order to protect the environment.

“Perhaps this stems from my interest and fascination with ecological cycles and how everything on Earth participates in a cycle,” he says. “We as engineers research, design, construct, educate, and operate these cycles to sustain health and the environment, looking at what nature does and imitating it as best we can.”

Currently, Safferman and his team are developing methods of removing phosphorus from wastewater. He explains that while phosphorus is a necessary part of the environment and essential for plant growth, it is dangerous in large amounts and has a negative impact on the health and safety of lakes and streams. ...