MS Degree Requirements

The program is available under both Plan A (with thesis) and Plan B (without thesis).

Requirements for Master of Science Degree in Biosystems Engineering*

Excerpt(s) from Official Academic Programs Catalog

Requirements for both Plan A and Plan B

Additional Requirements for Plan A

  • Complete at least 6 (and no more than 8) credits of the 30 credit total requirement with BE 899 (Master's Thesis Research) credits.
  • Pass a final oral examination over the written thesis.
  • Provide to the major professor, and to the department, a hard-bound copy of the thesis.
  • Provide to the major professor a manuscript (based on the MS thesis) suitable for submission to a refereed journal for publication.

Additional Requirement for Plan B

  • The student must pass the final examination over the course work in the student's approved program of study.

*Consult the BE Graduate Handbook for additional details