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Tom Hefferan

Tom Hefferan

B.S., Biosystems Engineering, 2004
Eli Lilly

My greatest undergraduate experience was our senior design project in the Biosystems Engineering program. Not only was it neat to put four years of study into practical use, but we also got to present our ideas to faculty, alumni, and industry representatives during the Biosystems Engineering Showcase event. To top it off, we were selected to present our project in a national food product development competition at the Institute of Food Technologists conference in Las Vegas.

Shelley Crawford

Shelley C.

B.S., Biosystems Engineering, 2006
Morning Foods Process Engineer
Kellogg Company

"During our Biosystems Engineering senior design project, we designed a new ice cream bar concept for the MSU Dairy Plant. The idea was a Spartan "S", chocolate covered bar. After months of working on the project, seeing our first ice cream bar emerged from the expansion chamber, which we designed, was truly a wonderful feeling." (Read full interview)

Cynthia Meussen

Cynthia M.

M.S., Biosystems Engineering, 2000
B.S., Biosystems Engineering, 1998
Senior Controls Engineer
Walt Disney World, Co.

"My best College of Engineering experience came during my graduate student years, when the courses I had taken really began to come together, and I realized that with the set of engineering 'tools' I had accumulated, the projects I worked on were finite and solvable." (Read interview)

"I'm not Cinderella" graduate Cynthia Meussen's story about being a Biosystems Engineer at Disney World.

Paul, Biosystems Engineering Alumnus

Paul F.

B.S., Biosystems Engineering, 2004
Spicer Group, Inc.

"The most valuable experience I gained at MSU was the hands-on work that was infused throughout the Biosystems Engineering program. I use that practical knowledge everyday. This experience, combined with strong technical and problem solving skills, prepared the foundation from which I work today."

Beth, Biosystems Engineering Alumnus

Beth G.

B.S., Biosystems Engineering, 2000
Baxter Healthcare Corp

"The BE program gave me the basic engineering skills I use every day to work through real problems systematically. I don't work directly in engineering, but my understanding of the principles and concepts allows me to participate in problem solving and product/process development.

My experiences with cross functional teams and individuals with very different backgrounds has helped me work more effectively with teams in my job. I learned a lot in the BE program, but I also had a lot of fun and made strong friendships with many different people."

Brandon, Biosystems Engineering Alumnus

Brandon G.

B.S., Biosystems Engineering, 2003
U.S. Forest Service

The biggest value the BE program provided me was the wide expanse of knowledge and skills gained during my time at MSU. I was given exposure to many things, from sophisticated analysis and problem solving, to how to properly use shop tools, all of which I routinely use at my current job."