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Since 1906, the Department of Biosystems & Agricultural Engineering (BAE) has responded to the changing needs of society by integrating and applying principles of engineering and biology in a systems context. Today, biosystems engineers at MSU solve complex, rapidly-changing problems related to food quality and safety, ecosystems protection, homeland security and health protection, biomass utilization, and renewable energy development.

Farrall Agricultural Engineering Building

The department offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Biosystems Engineering (BE) or Technology Systems Management (TSM).  A third undergraduate option is a two-year certificate program in Electrical Technology (ET) leading to licensed journey electrician and master electrician. The department also offers an M.S. and Ph.D. program in Biosystems Engineering. With approximately 250 students enrolled in various programs, we take pride in knowing every student's name.

In addition to teaching, the faculty is actively involved in leading-edge research an in extension.

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Vision and Achievement Book, A History of Michigan State Univeristy's Department of Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering

"Vision and Achievement" by John Gerrish"
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