ASABE Global Engagement Day, Montreal, 2014


Ajit Srivastava chaired a Taskforce that organized a special event, Global Engagement Day, at the 2014 ASABE Annual International Meeting on July 15, 2014 in Montreal.  The main goal of the event was to develop a blueprint as to how agricultural and biological engineers can engage globally to address issues such as global food, water and energy security, climate change and sustainability. 


Opening Session

globalengagementwelcome from ANR Communications MSU on Vimeo.


Dr. Robert Easter-Global Challenges Panel Session


Dr. Bruce Dale-Energy Security


Dr. Anne-Marie Boulay - Water Security


Dr. James Jones - Climate Change


Dr. Marty Matlock - Sustainability


Global Engagement Panel



Dr. Gerhard Schiefer - Food Security and Sustainability



Dr. Ajit Srivastava


Dr. James Jones


Dr. Dirk Maier - Global Funding Opportunities


Dr. Prasant Kalita - Prevention of Postharvest Loss


Dr. KC Ting - Challenges-Opportunities of Session