Torrefied-Biomass for Power Production Lecture

Mon, 2013-04-29 09:00
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Torrefied-Biomass for Power Production - 118 Farrall

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Torrefied-Biomass for Power Production


Ezra Bar-Ziv

Michigan Technological University, Houghton, MI



Torrefied-biomass, or biocoal, gained accelerated interest because it is a renewable energy source and is a drop-in fuel in coal-fired power plants.  Biocoal is a premium drop-in fuel in pulverized-coal boilers aimed at the reduction of greenhouse gas and other emissions.  Biomass torrefaction produces a material with properties similar to coal.  Because these properties can be controlled and reproduced biocoal it can be utilized as a “drop-in” fuel replacement for coal.  Coal’s efficiencies and energy generation capabilities are well documented as well as its high level of greenhouse gas and other emissions.  Biocoal offers many of the benefits of coal and also: (1) reduces emissions (NOx, SOx, particles, mercury, CO2) significantly, (2) uses low-cost equipment, and (3) decreases cost and is competitive with coal under carbon market. In spite of these advantages biocoal is not yet broadly used in coal-fired power plants because of two main reasons: (1) the cost of biocoal is considered high and (2) the hesitation to convert a power plant designed for a certain fuel to a new one. We offer an integrated-synergistic approach that can solve these two hindrances: (1) produce the most suitable biocoal for the specific boiler; and (2) carry out a comprehensive analysis and evaluation of the performance of the entire coal-fired power plants, including the combustion chamber, the steam generation elements, auxiliary and supporting equipment, and emissions.  The selection of the suitable biocoal properties and the reliable analysis of the power plant performance reduce significantly the risks involved in converting the plant to biocoal.  We have extended experience of converting power plants that were designed for bituminous coals to various sub-bituminous coals.  Furthermore, we have developed a cost effective torrefaction technology that reduces significantly capital expenditures as well as operation costs.


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