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AMSaC Research Group





Andrew Mason

Assistant Professor

Electrical and Computer Engineering Department.


Principal Scholarly Interests: Adaptive low-power mixed-signal integrated circuits; Nanostructured bioelectrochemical sensor arrays; Microsensor signal conditioning and signal processing circuits; Integrated microsystems and Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS).


Dr. Mason received the 2005-2006 Michigan State University Teacher-Scholar Award.




AMSaC Research Group


Current Students

Lin Li, lilin@msu.edu

PhD. Student

Graduation: May 2016

Research Interests: Microfabrication

B.S.: Tsinghua University, China

Yuning Yang, yangyuni@msu.edu

PhD Student

Graduation: May 2016

Research Interests:

M.S.: University of Florida

Haitao Li, lihaitao@msu.edu

PhD Student

Graduation: Jan 2016

Low noise/low power mixed/analog IC, Σ∆/SAR ADC, Electrochemical sensor IC, Neural signal recording IC, Optical sensor IC, Closed loop microaccelerometer IC; wearable/portable microsystem integration

M.S.: Harbin Institute of Technology, China

Sam Bolin, bolingc1@msu.edu

PhD Student

Graduation: May 2018

Research Interests:


Heyu Yin,  yinheyu@msu.edu

PhD Student

Graduation: May 2018

Research Interests:Research interests: Gas sensors, Biosensors Microfabrication, Nanofabrication and Lab-on-CMOS

M.S.: Tsinghua University, Beijing, China

Sina Parsnejad,  parsneja@msu.edu

PhD Student

Graduation: May 2019

Research Interests: Low power, low noise CMOS Sensor readout circuit design. Electrochemical and Biomedical sensor interfacing. low frequency, precision Σ∆ data converter design and implementation.

M.S.: Boğaziçi University, Istanbul, Turkey

Ehsan Ashoorie,  ashoorie@msu.edu

PhD Student

Graduation: May 2019

Research Interests: Wireless power and data telemetry, Low power analog and mixed signal integrated circuit design, Biomedical sensor interfacing

M.S.: K. N. Toosi University of Technology, Tehran, Iran

Sylmarie Davila Montero,  davilasy@msu.edu

PhD Student

Graduation: May 2020

Research Interests: Signal processing algorithms for neural signals, Data analysis

B.S. from University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez, Puerto Rico



photo 2.JPG

Xiaoyi Mu,

PhD: May 2012
Research Interests: Mixed signal IC design for sensors interfaces.


Xiaowen Liu

PhD: Dec 2012
Research Interests: Biomedical circuits and devices, microbiosystems.



Daniel Rairigh,

PhD: May 2011
Research Interests: Mixed signal sensors interfaces, Analog and Digital Integrated Circuits designs, Embedded systems.


photo 2.JPG

Awais M. Kamboh,

PhD: Dec 2010
Research Interests: Front-end signal processing hardware for implantable neuroprosthetics, ASIC and SoC Design,
Channel and Source Coding for Wireless Sensor Networks,



Yue Huang,

PhD: Dec. 2010
Research Interests: Biosensors and interfacing integrated circuit, post-CMOS microfabrication of lab-on-chip


Waqar A. Qureshi,

MS, Aug. 2010

Research Interests: Mixed signal IC design for sensors interfaces.

Current Employer: ITA, Pakistan


James Jang

MS, May. 2010

Research Interests: Analog IC design for implantable neural interfaces.



Liya Meng,

Visiting Scholar


Research Interests: Advanced Integrated Sensors


Stefan Schorr,

MS: Dec. 2008


Research Interests: Test development and verification of microdevices.


Chao Yang

PhD: May 2008

Research Interests: Mixed-signal IC design, post-CMOS fabrication of on-chip biochemical sensor & electrochemical sensor


Current Employer: Marvell Semiconductor


Jichun Zhang

PhD, Dec. 2005

Research Interest: Adaptive sensor interface circuits


Current Employer: Mindspeed Tech.


Junwei Zhou

PhD, May 2006

Research Interest: Power efficient microprocessor architectures


Current Employer: Sun Microsystems


Cheong (William) Kun

MS, Aug. 2005

Thesis: Design, Implementation and Testing of a Hybrid Algorithmic ΣΔ A/D Converter.

Current Employer: Qualcomm Inc.


Nicholas Trombly

MS, May 2006

Research Interest: Post-CMOS thermally controlled biosensor arrays


Current Employer: Texas Instruments


Jameelah Hardee

MS, May 2005

Thesis: Characterization of On-Chip Thermal Control Structures


Current Employer: 3M


Jian Li

MS, May 2005

Thesis: VLSI Design Implementation for Lifting Scheme DWT

Current Employer: Google


Prasanna Balasundaram

MS, Dec. 2003

Thesis: Low-Power Signal Processing Core for Sensor Microsystems

Current Employer: Qualcom


Nathan Dotson

MS, May 2004

Thesis: A Post-CMOS Thermally Controlled Biosensor Array Microsystem


Current Employer: IBM


Aravind Murarishetty

MS, April 2002 (Univ. of Kentucky)

Thesis: Implementation of a CMOS Temperature Sensor with Programmable Range.


Kartik Vaidyanathan

MS, May 2003

Thesis: Application Specific Programmable Processor for Sensor Based Networks.


Zhigang Wang

MS, July 2001 (Univ. of Kentucky)

Thesis: Intramodule Multielement Microsystem Bus and Interface Circuit.


Kun Zhang

MS, January 2002 (Univ. of Kentucky)

Thesis: Implementation of a Universal MicroSensor Interface Circuit.


Ye Gu

MS, September 2000 (Univ. of Kentucky)

Thesis: A Low-Power CMOS Temperature Sensor with Programmable Range Control.


Mark Underwood

MS, June 2001 (Univ. of Kentucky)

Thesis: Development of an Embedded Controller Prototyping System.


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 Advanced Microsystems and Circuits Research Group

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