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The following equipment is available in the 500 sq. ft. laboratory dedicated to AMSaC research group.

Microelectronics Testing and Inspection


*     Karl Suss PM5 Submicron probe station with bond pad probe card and probe manipulators

*     Agilent 4395A Spectrum/Network analyzer

*     Omni-101 Microprocessor Controlled Potentiostat (with cyclic voltammetry)

*     HP 4145B Semiconductor parameter analyzer

*     Agilent 54622D and 54624A Mixed-signal oscilloscopes and logic analyzer

*     KEITHLEY 6487 Picoammeter/Voltage Source

*     Various power supplies, digital multimeters, function generators, etc. with GPIB interfaces

*     Bryant AH-202XS Low/High Temperature, Humidity Test Chamber

*     Kulicke & Soffa 4524D Manual ball bonder

*     Nikon SMZ800 Macro-zoom scope with Nikon Coolpix 950 digital camera

*     Texas Instruments MSP430 evaluation boards for MSP430F12x/14x microcontoller

*     Digilab XLA3 Xilinx FPGA development board and ISE development software



*     3 Sun Ultra 10 workstations running Cadence software for IC/MEMS design and simulation

*     4 desktop and 2 laptop PCs for software development, user interface to data acquisition instruments, and document preparation


Software Resources


*     Mixed signal VLSI design tools from Cadence Design Systems, Inc.

*     LabVIEW

*     Matlab with Simulink

*     Various documentation software including Word, Excel, CorelDRAW, and Photoshop.

(These software tools are maintained by the Department of Computing Services)

The following resources are shared by the Electrical and Computer Engineering department faculty and are available to the AMSaC research group.

ECE Micro and Nano Engineering Facility


Test and Inspection Equipment


*     HP 4145B Semiconductor parameter analyzer

*     HP Impedance analyzer, low frequency

*     HP Impedance analyzer, high frequency

*     Cryogenic probe station


Cleanroom Facilities


*     Suss MJB3 submicron mask aligner

*     Thermal evaporator system (cryogenically pumped

*     Gaertner model 115B elipsometer

*     Zeiss differential interference contrast microscope

*     AET rapid thermal processor

*     Diffusion furnances

*     Resist and cleaning equipment

*     Wafer probing and test equipment

*     Plasma Quest ECR etching system

*     AXXIS Physical Vapor Deposition System (sputtering and e-beam)

*     Micromachining lab bench for bulk etching of silicon using KOH


ECE Shop


Test and Inspection Equipment


*     General support and maintenance of lab facilities

*     Printed circuit board fabrication

*     Computer network management

Keck Microfabrication Facility


*     class 100 cleanroom for photoresist preparation and photolithography

*     three bays for scanning electron microscopy and electron beam lithography

*     thin film preparations and characterization


Physics Department Machine Shop

These facilities and services are provided by Michigan State University and are available to the AMSaC research group.

The AMSaC research group also benefits from involvement in the NSF Center for Wireless Integrated Microsystems with access to the substantial facilities of collaborators at The University of Michigan and the Michigan Technological Institute.

      428 S. Shaw Lane, Rm 1522          517-432-3506
MSU, East Lansing          amsac@egr.msu.edu

              Michigan 48824


 Advanced Microsystems and Circuits Research Group

Electrical and Computer Engineering, Michigan State University