Dr. Ofoli


Sarah Galea

Vice President

Sarah Thorwall

Chem-E Car Captain

Jacob Anibal


Alex Renny


Laura Meinecke

Senior Symposium Day Chair

Stacy Kile

Junior Symposium Day Chair

Ariel Rose

Professional Committee Chair

Molly Zimmermann

Professional Committee Chair

Carl Herman

Membership Commitee Chair

Taylor Cullen

Advertising Comittee Chair

Henry Pan

Community Service Chair

Jacob Cullen

Junior Class Representative

Aaron Schmidt

Sophomore Class Representative

Matthew Morrow

Freshman Class Representative

Taylor Cullen


Chris Bush

Members at Large

Carson Laurenz

Sean Kaczmarek

Jordan Martin

Eric Wong

Brandon DuQuette

Dan Baldwin

Daniel Balavitch

Get Involved

Interested in being involved in our chapter of AIChE? Come to our meetings! Check out the events page for the next opportunity to meet us. At the start of each school year commmittees are formed to work on projects with EBoard members and you're always going to be welcome to jump on board. If you're interested in being on our EBoard look ahead to the spring elections we hold each year for your opportunity! Check out the available positions to the left to see who we need.