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MSU communication program ranked second in the world

MSU News - October 6, 2017 - 1:43pm
With continual growth in top faculty and a strong reputation for research excellence, the communication program in the College of Communication Arts and Sciences grabbed second place in ShanghaiRanking's Global Ranking of Academic Subjects.
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U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science awards multi-institution grants for nuclear physics computing

MSU News - October 6, 2017 - 12:30pm
Three nuclear physics research projects involving MSU researchers have won grants from the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science.
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MSU launches IACMI with ribbon cutting, tours

MSU News - October 6, 2017 - 11:57am
MSU hosted local students, dignitaries and researchers for the official ribbon cutting and tours launching the Institute for Advanced Composites Manufacturing Innovation, or IACMI, in Detroit's Corktown. The institute is a partnership of industry, universities, national laboratories and federal, state and local governments exploring ways to use composite materials to make automobiles lighter and more fuel-efficient.
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Michigan State Madness scheduled for Oct. 20

MSU News - October 6, 2017 - 11:25am
Michigan State Madness will be held on Oct. 20. MSU's annual event celebrates the beginning of the 2017-18 season for both the men's and women's basketball teams.
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Shane Jones: Everywhere he needs to be

MSU News - October 6, 2017 - 11:16am
For some people, being the master of one craft is a great aspiration. For senior linebacker Shane Jones, being a master of many things has become his claim to fame.
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MSU men's soccer claims victory over WMU

MSU News - October 6, 2017 - 10:58am
Junior forward Ryan Sierakowski scored his second-straight game-winning goal.
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MSU seeks donations for Puerto Rico

MSU News - October 6, 2017 - 10:45am
Michigan State University's Office of Cultural and Academic Transitions and The Graduate School are partnering with other local institutions and enterprises such as the University of Michigan and General Motors to collect and send needed supplies to Puerto Rico.
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MSU's Science Gallery Lab Detroit receives $1M grant

MSU News - October 5, 2017 - 3:06pm
Science Gallery Lab Detroit (SGLD) will launch exhibits in summer 2018 with help from a $1 million grant from MSU Federal Credit Union.
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College of Music to honor faculty member with concert

MSU News - October 5, 2017 - 12:23pm
The Michigan State University College of Music will host Walter Verdehr, violin, and Ralph Votapek, piano, at 7:30 p.m. on Oct. 30 in concert at the Fairchild Theatre in the MSU Auditorium. This event will feature violin and chamber music in honor of the 100th birthday of James Niblock, and is a part of the ongoing Artist-Faculty Series.
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Applause, applause

MSU News - October 4, 2017 - 3:04pm
"All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts," so said the great Bard of Avon, William Shakespeare. Isn't that the truth? I couldn't begin to count all the parts I've played in my life and I know there are certainly more ahead. Too bad we don't all get standing ovations for each one we master. Wouldn't it be nice to get applause at the end of every day for a job well done? Unless, of course, you're an actual performer, most of us don't really get that. While I'd love to be taking curtain calls rather than just being thrilled when my computer doesn't crash, the role I'm currently playing doesn't really offer the opportunity for applause too often. However, last week I played a different role (kind of) and had to pull out my performing chops. Well, I wasn't tap dancing or playing the trombone, but I was standing in front of a group of peers giving a lecture at the University of Nebraska. I like to think it was at least mildly entertaining. I mean, I used GIFs and everything. For some people, public speaking would cause major anxiety. For me? I absolutely love it. I guess I do have a little "performer" in my makeup. I had a fantastic time in Lincoln. It's nice to get away and spend time with other university communicators for some perspective and yes, a little bit of group therapy. They're doing some cool things there and the people could not have been more welcoming and nice. Also, if you've never been to Lincoln, it's really a fun town with great food, venues and energetic vibe. I highly recommend it if you ever get the chance. And, if you can garner some applause while you're there, I recommend that too.
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Anna Birmingham: Working with Broadway professionals

MSU News - October 4, 2017 - 2:07pm
Anna Birmingham, a junior double majoring in theater and social relations and policy with a minor in musical theater in the College of Arts and Letters, spent two weeks working with Broadway professionals as part of the im'aGen collaboration between MSU's Department of Theatre and Wharton Center Institute for Arts & Creativity.
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Sam Meade: Shakespearean opportunity

MSU News - October 4, 2017 - 12:55pm
For five days this past summer, Sam Meade, a College of Arts and Letters Citizen Scholar and sophomore double majoring in theater and history, attended the Shakespearean Theatre Conference in Stratford, Ontario, and heard lectures on Shakespearean study, watched performances at the Stratford Festival, and even spoke with cast members and directors about what it's like to work with Shakespeare's work.
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Five Honors College students, alumna nominated for graduate school scholarships

MSU News - October 4, 2017 - 12:49pm
MSU has nominated five undergraduate students and one recent alumna for three nationally competitive graduate school scholarships: the Marshall Scholarship, the Mitchell Scholarship and the Rhodes Scholarship.
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Brad Willcuts: A show-stopping collaboration

MSU News - October 4, 2017 - 12:34pm
They say it takes 10 hours of rehearsal for every minute on the theatrical stage. Ten hours of practice, refinement, reconstruction, deconstruction, devising and revising. For those of you who have enjoyed a 150-minute piece of musical theater, you can do your own math and try to imagine that amount of work on something that hopefully seems effortless. Therein lies the rub.
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Alison Dobbins: Bringing the stage to life

MSU News - October 4, 2017 - 12:11pm
Alison Dobbins, an associate professor of integrated performance media design in the College of Arts and Letters, is at the forefront of a new frontier in theatre - one that integrates digital media, lighting and theatrical production to provide magical effects for the stage. A motion graphics artist, Dobbins designs special effects for theatre performances using digital media and state-of-the-art projections.
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MSU ranks among best globally for education

MSU News - October 4, 2017 - 10:00am
MSU's education programs have been ranked #10 in the world by Times Higher Education, a London-based publication.
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MSU debate team finishes in top 16 of tournament

MSU News - October 3, 2017 - 11:05am
The Michigan State University debate team has finished in the top 16 at its second competitive tournament on Monday at the University of Kentucky.
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MSU College of Music to perform concert in remembrance of the Holocaust

MSU News - October 3, 2017 - 10:24am
The Michigan State University College of Music will perform "I Never Saw Another Butterfly, Music of the Holocaust" at 7:30 p.m. on Oct. 16 at the Fairchild Theater in the MSU Auditorium. As part of the Joanne and Bill Church West Circle Series, this concert will feature music of and inspired by the Holocaust.
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Spartans score first conference win over Iowa, 3-2

MSU News - October 3, 2017 - 9:35am
MSU women's soccer picked up its first Big Ten Conference win, 3-2, over Iowa on Sunday afternoon at DeMartin Stadium.
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Felton Davis III named Big Ten Co-Offensive Player of the Week

MSU News - October 3, 2017 - 9:23am
MSU junior wide receiver Felton Davis III has been named the Big Ten Co-Offensive Player of the Week for his career performance in MSU's 17-10 win over Iowa.
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