Advising Appointments

How often should I meet with my advisor?
We suggest that you meet with your advisor regularly, at least once a semester, to receive assistance with major selection, schedule planning, test-taking, study skills, utilizing resources, career planning and much more!  Anytime you may have an academic question you should contact your advisor, while some questions can be handled by email, many issues benefit from a two-way conversation. 

How should I prepare for my advising appointment?
Before visiting your advisor, you should:

  • Reflect on how you are doing in your classes.
  • Review the major/degree requirements for the majors that interest you.
  • Think about any questions you might have about your major, the College of Engineering, or the University.
  • During annual enrollment (in the spring) think about classes you might be interest in taking during the summer and next year.  Click here and print the schedule planning worksheet to help you plan your future academic schedule.

Your advisor is assigned to you based on your major and class standing (freshman, sophomore, junior, senior). If you're involved in certain programs, such as Spartan Engineering / The Residential Experience or the Honors College, you will have a specific advisor for that program in addition to your College of Engineering advisor.


Advisor Appointments:

Engineering Freshmen:  Walk-in advising in W-8 Wilson Hall (no appointments necessary)

Monday through Thursday, 10am-5pm

Friday 10am-2pm

Engineering Sophomore - Senior:  Most of our advisors utilize our online Advisor Appointment System

List of Engineering advisors and their major:

Applied Engineering Science Sophomores-Seniors:  Adviser Dr. Amanda Idema  |  Call (517) 355-6616 ext. 1

Biosystems, Civil and Environmental Engineering: Dan King  |  Call (517) 355-3274

Chemical Engineering and Materials Science: Joyce Samuel  |  Call (517) 432-1352

Computer Science Engineering: Teresa Vandersloot  |  Call (517) 353-5455

Electrical and Computer Engineering:  Sean Fochtman  |  Call (517) 355-5242

Mechanical Engineering Sophomores: Carmellia Davis-King  |  Call (517) 355-6616 ext. 2

Mechanical Engineering Juniors and Seniors:  Gaile Griffore  |  Call (517) 355-3338