AOP Information

Our academic advisors look forward to meeting each one of you at AOP!  There, you will be able to meet with us individually to address your immediate concerns and resolve many issues on the spot.  In addition to helping formulate your first year of classes, our professional staff will also give an overview of the College of Engineering -- including the many services and opportunities you will find as a Spartan Engineering student.

For most of you, AOP will be the first of many ongoing meetings with your academic advisor.  You will begin the process of working together with us to set goals for your academic, professional and personal life.  It is our belief that the College of Engineering and Michigan State University will change your life for the better if you set strong goals and strive to achieve them.  You are in charge of this process, and we are here to encourage you in whatever way we can.

First year engineering students will take the following courses for their first fall and spring semesters:

  • EGR 100-Introduction to Engineering Design (2 credits) provides a set of broad, team-based, hands-on design experiences, and a broad introduction to things common across all engineering disciplines. This course is required of all new freshman.
  • EGR 102-Introduction to Engineering Modeling (2 credits) introduces mathematical modeling of engineering problems and systems using tools such as advanced spreadsheets and MATLAB applications. Required for students in Applied Engineering Sciences, Biosystems Engineering, Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Materials Science, and Mechanical Engineering.
  • CSE 231-Introduction to Programming I (4 credits) is required for Computer Science and Computer Engineering majors only. The prerequisites are EGR 100 and (MTH or concurrently). Computer Science and Computer Engineering students do not enroll for EGR 102.

    Cover of handbookThe Handbook for Engineering Students for Fall 2014 is a reference guide to familiarize freshman and transfer students with the College of Engineering at Michigan State University.

    The Academic Orientation Program website will give you more information and help you get ready for orientation.