Course Overrides

Many courses have specific enrollment restrictions. In general, 300 and 400-level engineering courses are available only for students in the offering department/major/program. The Course Descriptions web site will tell you the restrictions for each course.

Overrides may be necessary when:

  • you don't meet the major or class course restriction(s)
  • you have not completed the prerequisite courses at MSU or in transfer to MSU
  • you don't meet the level course restriction(s) (grad taking an undergrad course, lifelong ed student, etc.)
  • the section you wish to add is full (note that we cannot exceed room capacity)

Please note that it may not be possible to grant your override request due to the above list of reasons. However, you may REQUEST an override by completing a department's override request form. You can find the online web links here:

For other engineering courses, contact the appropriate department representative:

Non-Engineering Courses
For courses outside engineering commonly needed by engineering students, contact the appropriate office:

Chemistry Courses
Please visit the Chemistry Department in room 119 Chemistry Building.

Math Courses
No overrides are granted for sections that are full. For other types of overrides, please visit the Math Department in room 212 Wells Hall.

Physics Courses
Please visit the Physics Department in room 106 Physics-Astronomy Building.