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College/University Committee Lists

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College/University Committee List (.pdf)
This is the current listing for the University and College Committee's for 2015-2016.

Engineering College Advisory Council
View the members of ECAC and read their meeting minutes.

Engineering Undergraduate Studies Committee
View the members of EUSC and read their meeting minutes.

College/University Committee Reports
2013-2014 Academic Year

College Committees

Computing Services Advisory Committee - no report received - Per A. Askeland/CMSC
Diversity Initiatives Advisory Committee - no report received - Theo Caldwell/DPO
Engineering College Advisory Council (.pdf) - Phani Mantha/CEE
Engineering Graduate Studies Committee (.pdf) - Eric Torng/CSE
Engineering Research Committee (.pdf) - George Zhu/ME
Engineering Undergraduate Studies Committee (.pdf) - Susan Masten/CEE
Safety Advisory Committee (.pdf) - Jeff Curtiss/DE
Undergraduate Awards and Financial Aid (.pdf) - Daina Briedis/UGS, CHEMS

University Committees

University Council/Faculty Senate (.pdf) - Srinivasan Tekalur/ME
University Committee on Curriculum - no report received - Nihar Mahapatra/ECE
University Committee on Faculty Affairs - no report received - David Grummon/CHEMS
University Committee on Faculty Tenure (.pdf) - Charles Petty/CHEMS
University Committee on Graduate Studies (.pdf) - Seungik Baek/ME
University Committee on Honors Program (.pdf) - Eric Torng/CSE
University Committee on International Studies & Programs (.pdf) - Thomas Voice/CEE
University Committee on Liberal Learning (.pdf) - Thomas Bieler/CHEMS
University Committee for the Library (.pdf) - Li Xiao/CSE
University Committee on Undergraduate Studies (.pdf) - Laura Dillon/CSE