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New Process Concepts, Analysis, and Optimization

Deflection of tool, machine and part; dynamic stability; cutting force prediction; intelligent fixturing; optimal planning of machining; and tribology in manufacturing.


Next-Generation Control of Manufacturing Machines

PC-CNC systems re-generation; proprietary process models and process control strategies; and plug and play sensors and controllers.


Environmentally Conscious Design and Manufacturing

Effects of cutting fluid, chip, and scrap on factory ecology; and control and optimization of manufacturing process by-products.


Machinery Design and Precision Mapping

Precision machine components and structures; machine stiffness and accuracy related to vibration; thermal deformation; positioning error; tool condition; static and dynamic calibration; and error mapping.


Mechanics of Materials in Manufacturing Processes

Surface and sub-surface damage; residual stress; ceramics, super alloys, intermetallic compounds; and process design for material property manipulation.


Macro and Micro scale Metrology 

On- and off-line characterization of part surface, form, and mechanical properties; and coordinate measurement methodologies.


Intelligent Process Monitoring and Diagnostics

Sensors and signal processing; deterministic and heuristic diagnostics; direct and indirect measurement of tool wear; tool breakage; tool runout; and chatter.